03 Jun 2019

These boots have been on a lot of adventures

“I like my style to defy notions of masculine and feminine as independent antagonists”, explains Maddy. “I embody both and that feels harmonious to me.” When trawling charity shops, she keeps this in mind, gravitating towards garments that don’t fit neatly into the categories of “menswear” or “womenswear”. Consequently, her wardrobe is a mix of tailored trousers, slouchy jumpers and muted shades. Maddy is also a fan of chunky shoes – whether that be a platform a second hand pair of Dr. Martens or her favourite Traid boot that are “massive, comfortable and have been on a lot of adventures.” Photos by Helena Dolby.

Madeleine Wears


Black sparkly jumper, hand knitted from a charity shop
Black and white leggings, charity shop


Stripy top, Traid
White pattered dress, charity shop
Heeled boots, charity shop


Blazer, charity shop
Shirt, charity shop
Tie, borrowed from partner
Pinstripe trousers, hand tailored from charity shop
Shoes, second hand Dr. Martens


Pastel pink cashmere jumper, charity shop
Belt, Beyond Retro
Boots, charity shop


Woolly jumper, charity shop
Trousers, charity shop
Boots, Traid

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