01 Jul 2019

I'd define my style as trashion

“Trashion” is the term Becca uses to describe her wardrobe which is full of second hand, handmade and worn-to-death garments. That doesn’t mean it is neglected, rather the opposite – everything is thoughtfully sourced and well loved. “I fluctuate between styles a lot,” explains Becca. “But, I am attracted to fabric that feels good, illustrative prints and oversized garments that can be layered, especially if they have fun features. If I know how a garment has been made, and who by, it makes me want it more.” Becca makes a lot of her own clothes and even has her own fashion label, Foundling Studio, where fantastical fabrics meet careful tailoring and painterly prints. 

Becca Wears


90s jumpsuit, vintage from Cow

Cardigan, handknitted by Becca’s boyfriend’s mum

Belt, vintage


Suit, Love Too True

Sparkly green top, sample from Peter Jensen

Shoes, vintage from Cow

Belt, second hand from Becca’s mum


Dungarees, handmade by Becca

Stripy top, handmade

T-shirt, vintage with rainbow ribbing added by Becca


Boilersuit, Thrifty Store – died and painted by Becca

Jacket, handmade by Becca for Foundling Studio

Top, handmade by Becca for Foundling Studio


Shorts with nude print, Syd & Mallory

Shorts underneath, Love Too True with Liv Frost

Long-sleeved top, handmade by Becca

Skeleton top, Fennec Design

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