16 Jul 2019

If it's like something 90's Gwen Stefani would wear, I want it

Claire uses several words to describe her style, including “punky”, “indie” and “gothic”. In real terms this translates into a wardrobe of eclectic pieces that vary from a vintage kilt to a leather choker with a vegan toting t-shirt in the middle. She sees her clothes as a long-term investment: “I like to think of my clothes, especially my vintage stuff, as a collection I can keep and add to and enjoy for the rest of my life.” But when it comes down to it, she has a pretty straight forward rule when selecting new garments, “If it looks like something 90’s Gwen Stefani or Tank Girl would wear, I am going to want it in my life.”

Claire Wears


Black dungarees, Lucy & Yak

Plaid shirt, Etsy seller

Dinosaur crop top, Bad Bunny Shop on Etsy

Clever Girl pin, Sweet and Lovely on Etsy


Trousers, Lucy & Yak

Belt, vintage from Ebay

T-shirt, V-Rev Manchester

Gold necklace, vintage


Leafy shirt, vintage from Thrifty Store

Denim shorts, vintage from Thrifty Store

Pineapple earrings, Vulgar

Bracelet, vintage


Trousers, vintage from Afflecks Palace

Choker, Ebay

Shell earrings, vintage

Butt club ring, Etsy (shop no longer in business)


Kilt, vintage from Thrifty

Ringer t-shirt, Ameraucana Print Shop on Etsy

Gold rings, A Wild Violet on Etsy

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