29 Jul 2019

I call it the dress of revolution

We might be photographing Ali in a quiet Sheffield garden, but her floor-length, floral, a-line dress has been to around 100 demonstrations. “I call it the dress of revolution” Ali explains. “It became so well-known on protests in Glasgow that when we were protesting outside a detention centre for asylum seekers a police officer addressed me by name even though I was also wearing a balaclava!” It is also particularly precious to Ali because the dress was originally handmade by her mum. “All I did was take out the wrist elastic to give it floaty sleeves. She’s not a demonstrator herself, but I believe that she agrees with the causes that her old dress has been a part of!”

Ali Wears


Boots, from a charity shop in Wakefield and resoled

Leggings, charity shop

Polka dot dress, British Heart Foundation charity shop

Bangles, charity shop

Bandana, charity shop

Sunglasses, Syd & Mallory


Rainbow and cloud dress, handmade from duvet cover

Rainbow bracelet, handmade from leftover electrical wires

Balaclava, clothes swap


Floral dress, second hand from Mooch

Dr Martens, second hand from Mooch

Necklace, charity shop


Spotty skirt, charity shop

Stripy t-shirt, charity shop

Gold trainers, charity shop

Octopus necklace, Cherryloco


Skirt, second hand from Mooch

T-shirt, donated to Ali’s family 30+ years ago

Bandana, charity shop

Floral boots, LOLAKstyle

Bangles and rings, various charity shops


Dress of revolution, handmade by Ali’s mum

Sloth necklace, Designosaur


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